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Compliance 360 Product Overview

Updated: 8 hours ago

Situation: At SAI Global, we developed a new plug-in feature for our flagship software that significantly enhances its data analysis capabilities. However, many existing customers were unaware of how this plug-in could benefit them, and initial feedback indicated confusion about its functionality.

Task: As the Senior Technical Writer/Instructional Designer and collaborator with the sales and marketing teams, I was tasked with creating an engaging and informative product overview video that would clearly demonstrate the benefits and functionalities of the new plug-in, encouraging both existing and potential customers to adopt it.


  • Conducted a detailed analysis of customer feedback and support tickets to identify common questions and points of confusion regarding the new plug-in.

  • Collaborated with the product development team to gain a deep understanding of the plug-in’s features and the technical specifics necessary for the video.

  • Outlined key messages for the video, focusing on the plug-in’s benefits, such as improved efficiency, enhanced data visualization capabilities, and ease of integration with existing workflows.

  • Scripted a concise and clear narrative that combined technical details with user-friendly language, ensuring it was accessible to both technical and non-technical audiences.

  • Created the video using royalty-free stock footage from Pexels, company subscription stock footage from Adobe, video snippets from the actual plug-in, royalty-free audio from for the soundtrack, and Camtasia video editing tool to produce the final video.

  • Organized a preview session with stakeholders from marketing, sales, and product teams to gather initial feedback and make necessary adjustments.

  • Launched the video across multiple channels, including our website, social media and email newsletters.

  • Tracked engagement metrics such as views, likes, shares, and feedback comments to measure the video’s impact and understand viewer preferences.

Result: The product overview video received positive feedback from our customers and sales and marketing team. It generated a 40% increase in inquiries about the plug-in. Sales data revealed that the plug-in adoption rate increased by 30% in the quarter following the video release.

Feedback from customers highlighted that the video was instrumental in helping them understand the practical applications of the plug-in, leading to higher satisfaction and reduced confusion as reported in follow-up support tickets.

Overall, the video significantly boosted the plug-in’s market penetration and helped solidify our position as a leader in innovative compliance software solutions.

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