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SAI New Hire Curriculum

Updated: 7 hours ago

Situation: At SAI Global, the onboarding process was inconsistent or nonexistent and lacked a structured curriculum, leading to lack of employee retention, confusion among new employees and delayed integration into their roles. This inconsistency resulted in longer ramp-up times and lower initial productivity.

Task: As the Senior Technical Writer/Instructional Designer, I was tasked with creating a comprehensive onboarding curriculum to standardize the training process, improve new hire engagement, and accelerate their time to productivity.


  1. Conducted a needs analysis by interviewing stakeholders, including department heads, recent hires, and HR representatives to identify key areas of improvement and essential training topics.

  2. Researched industry best practices for onboarding and training programs.

  3. Collaborated with subject matter experts (SMEs) to gather relevant content for various departments and roles within the company.

  4. Developed a detailed curriculum that included modules on company culture, policies, compliance, role-specific training, and professional development resources.

  5. Designed interactive training materials, including videos, quizzes, and hands-on exercises, to cater to different learning styles and enhance engagement.

  6. Implemented a pilot program to test the curriculum with a small group of new hires and gathered feedback to refine the content and delivery methods.

  7. Launched the finalized curriculum company-wide and provided training sessions for managers and HR personnel on how to effectively deliver and support the new onboarding process.

Result: The new onboarding curriculum resulted in a 30% reduction in the time required for new employees to reach full productivity. Employee satisfaction surveys indicated a 40% increase in satisfaction with the onboarding process.

Managers reported that new hires were better prepared, more confident in their roles, and integrated more quickly into their teams. The standardized curriculum also ensured a consistent and high-quality onboarding experience across the organization.


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