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What do I like more than learning new things? Being of service to others.  Does it come natural to me? I'd like to think so. But I also must give credit to the strong women that were in my life since my birth for instilling in me the act of giving.

I grew up with a cheerful giver in a grandmother, whose beautiful smile never weathered even as she aged. She had a love for children and although she wasn't my biological grandmother, she was the best "grammy" a child could have. She was a spiritual woman who didn't let her hardships deter her from being kind, loving, and generous to those in need, especially children. 

My mother was the eldest of six children all girls except one boy. At the age of 17 years old she was left with the responsibility to care for her ill parents (father a courageous veteran and mother a fearless protector), and her younger siblings. I learned not only the love of reading, independence, and love for family, my mother taught me the importance of pride in one's work, and to dream. 

This page is dedicated to the some of the many ways that I use my talent to give back to the community, because we are truly better together. I look forward to being of service to you as my future employer.


Motivational Monday

VERIZON (Health and Wellness)

Although, I have struggled most of my life with losing weight, I have never given up on having a healthier life. This year, I decided to commit to a vegan lifestyle, mindful practices, and regular routine of strength training and cardio. I saw tremendous success, but then a health challenge created a minor setback. But like the strong women in my life, I didn't give up and now I'm back on the right track of that regular workout routine and healthy eating. Because of my level of fitness, I was able to recuperate faster and do a health routine that my healthcare providers said would take me a year to do, but now I do successfully after three months!

I recently shared my life long struggle with bad eating habits and lack of exercise with my Verizon family, and the tremendous amount of supporters and others who felt inspired by my journey was overwhelming.  I've also used this journey to help family and friends to eat healthier and get proper exercise. My future personal goal is to volunteer in senior citizen homes and with young children to provide strength and cardio training. Our seniors are the owners of our history and the children are the owners of our future. I want to contribute to both their successes as well as my own.

Unlabeled Leadership

Anchor Podcast

It's really wonderful when you can connect with similar mindsets, especially those on LinkedIn. I met Gary DePaul last year and was introduced to his podcast Unlabeled Leadership which is ranked 17 on Feedspot's Top 10 Leadership Podcasts. Gary invited me to join his guests who share personal leadership stories. Listeners of his podcast are from 85 countries and 873 cities. Thirty-one  podcast platforms broadcasts Unlabeled Leadership episodes. 


It was indeed a pleasure to share my history as, what I prefer to call myself, a reluctant leader. Although I'm a natural leader, I truly enjoy being an individual contributor rather than a people leader in my professional environment. But my love of helping others, often places me in an advocate role or leadership role. My struggle with accepting that role and other stories are shared on this episode. 



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Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

I discovered the Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership through Verizon's volunteer program. Among the many wonderful volunteer opportunities I've participated in this year through Verizon, this particular program allowed me to give back to women of color, small business owners who are trying to remain afloat during uncertain times.

IFEL has three very impactful programs:  Women of Color Connecting, The Making of Black Angels, and Small Businesses Need Us. Through these programs, volunteers like me, can use our business experience and assist small business owners with website development and UX design, social media marketing, and business plan development. I've participated in their Hackathons for Website UX and Social Media Marketing. The talented and resilient business owners have taught me just as much or even more than I have taught them. 

HOA Board of Director

Community Activism

Being a board member of your community is probably not at the top of anyone's list of true enjoyment. It definitely wasn't on mine four years ago. As a first-time homeowner, I was more interested in enjoying the new home, decorating, and letting someone else take care of the boring affairs of the HOA. It wasn't until my home, and others suffered under the current board leadership did I finally realize just how important it was to be involved in the HOA, even if only as a supporter of the board members.


This desire to make a difference in our community led to my participation as the President of our HOA. I resolved some of the financial and covenant requirements and created opportunities for the diverse community to come together. One particular event was a return to school for the kid's party that included backpacks, supplies, and entertainment, all provided by our vendors as sponsors. This was an amazing event for the kids and one of the few times our diverse community ever came together for a common goal. Although I'm no longer on the board in my new community, I still offer my services as a resident. Being a board supporter is just as important as being a member.  

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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

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