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SAI Global Company Overview

Updated: 7 hours ago

Situation: At SAI Global, new hires often felt overwhelmed during the onboarding process due to the lack of a structured introduction to the company. There was no standardized company overview presentation, which resulted in inconsistent information being conveyed to new employees during their initial training sessions.

Task: As a Senior Technical Writer/Instructional Designer, I was tasked with creating a comprehensive and engaging PowerPoint presentation to provide new hires with a clear and consistent overview of the company during their instructor led (ILT) classroom training sessions.


  1. Conducted a thorough analysis by gathering input from department heads, HR, and current employees to identify key information that should be included in the company overview.

  2. Researched effective presentation techniques to ensure the content was engaging and easy to understand.

  3. Developed a structured outline for the presentation, organizing it into sections, including:

    1. company values

    2. C360 at a glance

    3. SAI Global's SaaS overview, code base

    4. platforms

    5. core services

    6. development tools

    7. cross-functional teams

    8. customers

  4. Created visually appealing slides with a consistent theme, using company branding elements and high-quality images to enhance engagement.

  5. Included interactive elements such as short videos and infographics to make the presentation more dynamic and retain the attention of the new hires.

  6. Incorporated real-life success stories and testimonials (short videos) from current employees to provide relatable and inspiring examples of company culture and achievements.

  7. Reviewed and refined the presentation with feedback from senior management and a focus group of employees to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.

  8. Conducted a training session for HR personnel and trainers to familiarize them with the presentation and provide tips on delivery.

  9. Launched the presentation in the next new hire orientation program and monitored feedback from participants to make any necessary adjustments.

Result: The new company overview PowerPoint presentation resulted in a 30% increase in new hire engagement during orientation sessions. Feedback from new hires indicated a 45% improvement in their understanding of the company and its operations. Trainers reported feeling more confident and prepared when delivering the presentation, leading to more consistent and informative sessions.

Overall, the presentation contributed to a smoother onboarding process, helping new hires feel more connected to SAI Global and better prepared to start their roles.


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