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Flexible Classroom Seating Documentary

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Situation: As a part of my Masters of Instructional Technology curriculum, my team was tasked with creating a documentary. As a former tutor of adult basic education and instructional designer/trainer for corporate environments along with my peers who were secondary educators, we recognized a growing interest in innovative educational environments that enhance learning experiences for students. Flexible classrooms, which adapt to various teaching styles and student needs, were becoming increasingly popular, yet there was a lack of comprehensive media coverage explaining their benefits and implementation challenges.

Task: As the lead producer, I was tasked with creating a documentary that would provide an in-depth look at flexible classrooms, showcasing their design, the impact on student engagement and learning, the challenges faced by schools in implementing these environments in comparison to my own work environment of an Agile open work space for adults.


  1. Initiated the project by conducting preliminary research to understand the core elements of flexible classrooms and identify a school that had successfully implemented this new model.

  2. Developed a project plan that included the documentary’s scope, target audience, and key messages to convey.

  3. Arranged a site visit to film the classroom in action and interview the teacher and students about their experiences.

  4. Collaborated with a peer to shoot the footage, using Cannon DSL cameras, lighting equipment, and ZOOM microphones to ensure high-quality visual content that effectively illustrated the dynamic nature of flexible classrooms.

  5. Edited hours of footage, using After Effects, royalty-free music and Camtasia to craft a compelling narrative that highlighted the benefits of flexible classrooms through real-world examples and expert commentary versus Agile open work spaces.

Result: The documentary was premiered presented to my instructor and peers, receiving positive feedback for its insightful and thorough exploration of flexible classrooms. The project not only increased awareness about flexible classrooms but also addressed the conflicting sentiment regarding the Agile open work space in software development environments and inclusion in other areas of corporate environments.

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