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Budgets and Sense Podcast

Updated: 8 hours ago

Situation: As a part of my Masters of Instructional Technology curriculum, an assignment was given to develop a creative way through multimedia to promote financial literacy among youth. I identified a significant gap in high school students' understanding of budgeting and financial responsibility, which could negatively impact their future financial stability.

Traditional methods of teaching these concepts through their math studies/curriculum were not effectively engaging this audience with real-life scenarios and the utilization of critical thinking skills.

Task: I was tasked with creating a podcast episode to educate high school students about budgeting and financial responsibility in an engaging and accessible format.


  1. Conducted a needs assessment by surveying high school students, teachers, and parents to understand their knowledge gaps and preferences for learning about financial topics.

  2. Researched popular podcast formats and styles that appeal to teenagers, focusing on a mix of storytelling, interviews, and practical advice.

  3. Developed a content plan for the podcast episode, outlining key topics such as budgeting basics, saving strategies, understanding credit, and avoiding debt.

  4. Recruited Fiverr voice narrators that would help me to provide diverse perspectives and real-life examples through storytelling.

  5. Wrote scripts for each character/Fiverr talent involved in the episode, incorporating relatable scenarios to keep students engaged.

  6. Collaborated with Fiverr talents to record their sections of the podcast and I completed the final edits to the episodes, ensuring high-quality sound and production values.

  7. Launched the podcast on YouTube to my classmates and professor, making it easily accessible for listeners.

  8. Monitored listener feedback and download statistics to assess the impact and make adjustments for future episodes.

Result: The podcast episode was well received with positive feedback from my colleagues and professor. The engaging format and practical advice effectively raised awareness and understanding of financial literacy even among colleagues, and they also anticipated (as real live secondary educators) that such format would contribute to their and their students' long-term financial well-being.


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